Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yay! I say...

I can't WAIT till tomorrow! Actually, I kind of can, because I'm not really ready, but I'm STILL excited!!!! We are going to have a blast.
Anyway, more on today - the drama budget was approved, which is great. We have added a couple of departments and I thought we would go way over budget, so I am happy about that. I am very much looking forward to the drama and anticipating great things.
I went shopping, thinking I had lost a few pounds and could reward myself, but that was not to be. First of all, I think I must have gained everything back in one fell swoop, because everything I tried on looked horrific! The things that looked nice were out of my price range, so I had quite the dilemma on my hands. I did find one little thing that I think I am going to go ahead and purchase in the morning, but that's it! I have yet to go to Victoria Gardens, so maybe I'll find something there, if I have time to shop while we're out there. So, I guess it's "moldy oldies" for me this conference...
Hope everyone had a great day!! **smiles!!**

Monday, January 29, 2007

Hillary for Prez (they'll let anyone run nowadays)

Well, I can't believe it's that time again when any ol' yahoo who wants gets to run for President. (Don't get me started...) LOL Yeah, it is, though. Have you seen the Democratic hopefuls?? Whoa! It's a plethora of backbiting, murder, double-talk, and the like. Not very hopeful, which is good for those of us with a conscience, but may still be potentially devastating. I am anxious to see who the "elephants" will produce, but lets not kid ourselves... No matter who we put up, I don't think we stand a chance. However, I do still feel strongly that we should all vote no matter what! Please don't tell me that it doesn't matter what you do, 'cause God is in control! I know God is in control and He does His will THROUGH us!!! So get registered and stop making excuses!! Also, everyone should know something about what they're voting on and I guess that's all I'm gonna say about that... For now...

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Today was a day filled with quite opposite spectra of my life. This morning I found myself doing laundry and cleaning - Mom/Wife stuff. Tonight was a whole different story. I played for our youth team who sang for a sectional get-together. It was quite fun and there was a lot of good music, which in turn brought about lots of good worship. I was feeling a little old, being that I'm neither a teenager or "twenty-something", but a woman. I'm a woman. Nah... I'm a 31-year old young lady. ;) So, tonight I was feeling slightly apprehensive about playing with such a young crowd in attendance, but a calm came over me after we had a good, solid team prayer time. Music is my passion, so I was in my element and there were so many great musicians there, it was an honor to be playing at all.
After service, we (me and 17 of my closest friends - LOL) went to Mimi's. I never thought the day would come when I would be KICKED out of Mimi's, but today was that day, my friends. Contrary to what you may think, it was not due to any lack of discretion on our party's behalf, but rather at the request of the manager so they could set their "perimeter alarm." I've spent lots of late nights at Mimi's, but this was a first - perimeter alarm??? Alright, dude, what-evah you say... Well, that broke the party up a little earlier than what we could have gone until, but that's probably a good thing. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I need my sleep. I am still feeling a wee bit "whooped" by pneumonia, but much better overall.
Thanks for reading.
Good morning.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sicky Blues...

Well, I just wanted to write real quick-like to inform concerned parties that I am still here, but slightly out of commission. I have been hit hard with something, (fever, chills, aches, cough, rattly breathing, etc.) and I do not have the strength or desire for my daily spellbinding antidotes. However, I do hope to be back in the saddle soon, so don't lose hope! Not yet, at least!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, I want everyone to know that today, for me, is New Year's Day. It's not, however, due to my being of Chinese descent or anything like that, but because today was a momentous day in my life. As a matter of fact, without this day, I wouldn't have life. Yes, today is my birthday. I love birthdays and mine is a big deal to me, whether or not anyone ELSE thinks it's a big deal is another story altogether. Without this day, (31 years ago), my husband would be short 1 wife, my son wouldn't exist, my friends would not laugh as much, and my church would miss me and not even know it!! LOL ;) I may not be God's gift to men, music, or whatever, but I think God did give me to a very special lady - my Momma. (BTW-Mom, did I mention that I wanted Gucci bath products??? LOL) JK!!!! I love you, Mom and I wouldn't be here without you, so I'm especially thankful for you on today, my birthday. You are a wonderful, beautiful person and awesome "Granny"! :D
Don't even ASK about my diet today! I've already received some "encouragement" from a friend to stay on task with my diet today, but all I really want for my birthday is a PB&J. So, that's what I'm having, even as a write. *tap!* *tap!* *chew!* *chew!* LOL I'll have spinach for breakfast tomorrow to make up for it.
So, the moral of the story today is, even if you can't be WITH me - CELEBRATE this very wonderful day! (Someday it will be a National Holiday.)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For Everything a Season...

Soooo, it was time. It was a tough decision and even all the "tougher" to carry out, but it had to be done. If I didn't do it - who would? I dreaded it with every fiber of my being and couldn't wait for the whole painful experience to be over. Childbirth might be less painful, but I wouldn't know since I had a C-section. Yes, it was time to accept the fact that Christmas decorations are no longer an acceptable form of one's expression of Christmas cheer. Not half-way through January, they're not. Why on EARTH did the pilgrims have to give thanks so CLOSE to Christmas?!? Didn't they realize that would substantially shorten the Christmas season for those of us who still actually observe Thanksgiving these many moons later??? I MEAN! THE gall! Needless to say, I have been in quite the state of denial that my love for the season had now become a tacky eyesore. The only hint that Christmas ever was celebrated here are the few gifts that I have repeatedly neglected to pass out to some church friends sitting on my bench. That's it. Finished. Done. Kaput. Will it still be okay for me to listen to my Israel Christmas album?
In other news, I have not, as I had previously hoped, finalized our drama script yet. It is, however, in pretty good shape and should be ready for proof-reading tomorrow. Pray for us that God will use us to touch many lives.
Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds! Many exciting challenges, I am sure... I know, I know, it actually is today, but I'm still in Wednesday, for all those who think I've lost it, it's 12 a.m. It's very cold out, too. Maybe it will snow... :D THAT would be Christmas-ee!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I have just been informed in the most loving and genuinely concerned way that I should no longer use any self-deprecating humor on my blog! AAAACCCKK!! What on EARTH will I write about to make people laugh?!? The excruciatingly small clearance between stall door and commode in most public bathrooms? Too yucky. The minutia of my day-to-day appointments and tasks? Too boring. Ten ways I have shown my love for my husband in the last ten years? Too intimate. What about my regrets on our current administration? Too redundant. (Everyone is regretting and fretting these days...) Why Madonna had no business adopting that little boy? Too blase. How I hope to be able to run for a public office some day? Too deep.
What to do!!
Any ideas? Anyone??
I'm waiting.........
Maybe I will write about all of the above - what do ya' think??

Monday, January 15, 2007


As I enjoyed a nice, healthy meal of Big Mac, fries, and DIET Coke with my good friend, Rose, my car was being sabotaged. I know WHO you are, WHERE you live, and WHAT you're gonna GET! "White MLK"! *Harrumph!* LOL You have no idea what kind of Pandora's Box has been opened... 8-}

They even got my wheels! What-evah! LOL

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's All Good in Da Nay-ba-hood

Last night I had a great time at the Inland Crusade and afterwards as well! Many people were filled with God's Spirit the last couple of nights and a good number of those were baptized! Thank you, Jesus!
I had a wonderful time after service as well "fellowshipping" with wonderful, old friends. I truly and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Had an interesting conversation with someone very important last night as well. Possibly life and thought altering conversation would be a better fitting explanation. I am very excited, but not at liberty to divulge any of the details at this current juncture. *Sigh!* Sorry!
Diet-wise it was a very good day. Salad for lunch and dinner. That's HUGE progress for me! (Pun intended!) :D I know, I know, I said I'd be taking the day off from all the rigmarole, but it just turned out to be much better when I didn't try so hard! (Note to self: Don't try very hard to NOT eat a hot fudge sundae tonight.) LOL Okay, enough silliness. I'll be ba-ack!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Weight Loss Log (and some other tidbits) - Star Date "Positively Lost"

Today was somewhat interesting. Very interesting, actually. I was awakened by my husband telling me that it was SNOWING outside! Yes, snowing!!!! In hot, humid SoCal!!!! YAYAYAY!! I was so excited, I wanted to go out and play in it. Well, there wasn't enough to actually play in, but it was still very beautiful. Had a lovely breakfast at Chick-Fil-A with friends and proceeded to shop till I nearly very literally DROPPED! LOL Ayiyiyi! Well, you'd think that was enough excitement for one day, but you'd have to convince Logan Booker of that. Yep. Interesting. A little gross, but poor baby! Awww! I hope he feels better.
Okay. I know EVERYONE is dying to know how well my diet is going. Well, don't ask me, cause I have NO idea. I'm taking the week-end off and that's that. It's taking WAY too much brain power and I don't have the extra brain space or brain energy to figure it all out. Maybe if I had my own chef...
Good night. Or morning. Whichever you prefer at this hour.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Weighty Discourse

There is nothing quite as calming and soothing as a good jam with good musicians. *AHHHH...* VERY nice. I practiced for a "deal" last night with some really good musicians and it just makes my heart happy! I'm really honored to have been asked to play for said "deal" in the first place, and with such good musicians, it makes it all a blast. Good times.
Yesterday, I accepted my Pastor's invitation to direct this year's Easter drama, so I've got a lot to do the next couple of months! *Phew!* It's exciting stuff and as our friend John likes to tell me, I'm a "camp coordinator", so it's right up my alley! So, we will be having four "performances", (I hate that word in reference to church dramas, but anyhow...), Easter week-end. Hopefully, we'll have some info up on our website soon about it.
As for the day in weight loss, once again, not great. I did okay throughout the day, but I got a hankering for cereal before bed! I quickly succumbed and the rest is "carb-a-licious" history. I am terrible at dieting! Well, today is a fresh clean slate, so I am going to have an egg or two and go from there! Salud!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Weight Loss Log - Star Date Pos .5

Tonight as I recounted the harrowing events leading up to my near-death experience on the "compromised" piano bench, I was once again wishing I was not so fat. I know it was a funny deal and I am sure glad it didn't actually happen in church, but I just gross myself out. Which leads me to my weight loss progress. Not great today. I ate too much, as usual, but I did have a salad! And a chicken sandwich instead of a burger! *sigh!* What to do? What to do! I am trying, but I had been trying to cut back since before Christmas, so it's not completely because things break because of my girth. Tomorrow I am going to try much harder. I am thinking lots of tea, (I drink WAY too much soda, just ask Joni...), and some cheese and salad and fruit. Yes, that sounds like a good plan, in theory anyway. I'll have to make a run to the store because such healthy food is not to be found in my cupboards and/or fridge! Or I'll start the day with two and a half bowls of cereal like I did today and I'll be a little fatter for it. Only time will tell. *tick!* *tock!* *tick!* *tock!* =/

Five Things You Didn't Know Or Care About

I got tagged by dear ol' Christine, so I guess I've got something else to type about. My favorite subject is me, but I am not disillusioned enough to think that anyone else wants to know... Oh, well. Here goes!
1. I have terrible penmanship, just ask Sis. Shepherd, my 5th and 6th grade teacher. I used to think she just had it out for me, but now I realize that I really do have atrocious penmanship.
2. I'm a Clippers fan, mainly to spite all of the Laker's fans, including my lovely hubby. (And Derrick!) :P
3. Much to my grandmother's dismay, I don't like Mexican food. Actually, I don't like "fake" Mexican food. i.e.: Taco Bell, Cuca's, La Rosita, etc. If it's not made from scratch, it ain't REAL.
4. I love mariachi music. Enough said.
5. The one place in the world I would love to visit, but may never happen is CHINA. Yep. China. Not anywhere in Europe or whatever. (Australia/New Zealand are close seconds...)
Okay, that was really hard, but I think I got through okay. If you're not snoring yet, just give me a call, I have plenty more tantalizing tidbits... :P

Weight Loss Log - Star Date Neg 1

Well, I was reading over my earlier post and figured it was pretty boring in the grand scheme of things, so I thought I'd give all the "caring souls" out there an update on my weight loss progress.

So, overall, that was my day in weight loss.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Love is so mysterious. It makes people behave in very odd ways. Love has been on my mind today, because I wish EVERYONE had it, but they don't. What is love? Well, in the right and spiritual sense, it is God, but here in the real world, what is it? Does it make people kill? Really? On a lesser degree of severity, does it make people do dumb things? Yes, I think so. Of course, this is not my own divine revelation, no doubt I share this view point with many other bright intellectuals such as myself. (You'd have to know me to "hear" my sarcasm...) I'm not a pro at love, I'll be the first to say it, but I am very curious of its silent underworkings! I am in love with a wonderful man, yes, but we're learning as we go.
So, what is wrong with people these days? Have we as humans completely forgotten how to fall in love???? I think often it is misplaced feelings they mistakenly name love. The world today uses the word "love" today in a very flippant way, and it has not really taken the time to learn what it really is and what it really means. When there are people who seem to really love each other, but not act on it, it drives me nutty!! Why are people who realize what love really should be so afraid to admit it? And act on it? They will have strong feelings, but scare easily, in the process, maybe missing out on the best thing that could have ever happened to them. The failure to act. Those are words I very much dislike being associated with me and my life. They are, because I am human, but we are in charge of making the failure to act a distant memory and begin to take risks. Open your mind. Sure, sure, you don't want to be so open-minded that your brain falls out, but nevertheless...
I, for one, will try to live a life with as little regret as possible. Because I am human, it won't be without regret at all, but with as little as possible is tolerable - right?

Monday, January 8, 2007

Time to Lose Weight When...

Well, quite frankly, it's time to diet when you start breaking the chairs you're sitting on! (yikes!) True story. Happened to me tonight at someone ELSE'S church!! AAAAHHHHH!! I'm dying of embarrassment. It hurt my back and my foot, but not as much as it hurt my pride. Well, I'm going to start that diet.... Pretty soon... My mother would be mortified and put me in fat camp or something! (She's quite trim and expects the same out of me...) One of my friends has been trying to put me on a diet for some time now, so maybe I should let her? Yeah. I don't LIKE being fat, it just happened. I used to be much more disciplined, but now it's just eat what you can when you can. I thought only grossly obese people broke chairs, but that's what I did - am I that blind to my own "gross-ness"? I'm not depressed, but I am disgusted that I have gotten to the point where I just break random pieces of furniture doing the same thing a hundred people before me had done - sit on it. I was very hungry when I got home, so I had some little hot dogs, but I'm STILL hungry! What to do??? Have that PB&J that is calling out to me? Maybe...
Well, that was the most interesting thing that happened today, so I guess I'll just go eat a donut. Or a PB&J. Or both. Wait a minute...!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Stupendous Player

You may or may not know that I have a small competitive streak. I like to play games, but mostly I like to WIN. It's very hard for me to just enjoy a game because I get very emotionally involved. In retrospect, I feel very bad for my quizzers when I used to coach BQ, because I know "everyone's a winner" in BQ, but there are still only 3 trophies! ;)
Soooo, I was at a party last night where the game "Catchphrase" was being played. I decided to join in the "fun", which was what it probably was until I started playing. My friend, Cindy, who just happens to be a teacher and one of the smartest people I know, just HAD to be on my team. There were a lot of us playing, so I thought I would conspire with her to make sure she and I were on the same team. Well, of course, the end result was two consecutive wins, which led the other players demanding the teams be changed up. I then informed them at that point that it didn't matter WHICH team I was on, I would still win. When the teams were selected, I started to get a little nervous at my big, big mouth. I don't know why, because we did STILL win!!!! (Yay!)
Yep, I have MAD gaming skills! :D


Well, I was thinking that my very wonderful, beautiful, talented, and otherwise gifted friend was not going to read my original post regarding our lack of productivity on New Year's Day. I was wrong. I did fail to mention that we did spend the better part of that afternoon on the very first day of 2007 making breakfast. It wasn't just any ol' breakfast though, let me tell ya'! We made GRAVY!! (There were also fried potatoes, fried eggs, biscuits, & bacon...) It was delicious, but the gravy was a little on the "dough-ee" side. LOL Ummm.. Hmmm... I'm at a loss for words for once, but let me just say, that was the only meal I ate that day and I wasn't EVEN hungry until the next day! VERY filling! As a matter of fact, we could have filled any cracks in their walls or perhaps even the sidewalk with our very special recipe. Next time it will be a lot better, now that we've "walked on the wild side" and actually taken the RISK to ATTEMPT the making of the gravy.

Oh, yeah, and we played Mexican Train. (Yes! It's a REAL game!)

A splendiferous time was had by ALL. :D

Friday, January 5, 2007

Mall Cart Vendors

I had a wonderful time having lunch with a friend at the Eating Room. Very nice. There is a bakery there and they have the most beautiful and delicious creations coming out of that kitchen! Spectacular designs, even on the cupcakes! I had dinner at Claim Jumper with my hubby and my beautiful cousin, Vanessa, so I feel like I've pretty much eaten my way through the day! LOL (BTW - Thanks Barb for the CJ gift card!)

We just got home from the mall where I was on the hunt for BLACK. BLACK is the color of the hour because that is what I will be required to wear next week for the mass choir presentation. I found BLACK, so now I just need to see how it looks with the pieces in my closet I hope to coordinate with.

Being in the mall reminded me of a pet peeve of mine. (I have many, but this is near the top of the list...) I was "approached" several times as I walked through the mall by vendors hoping to hawk there wares on me!!

Unfortunately, I had all the moisturizer my hands could absorb and I already have hands-free phone capabilities, so I politely declined as I usually do. I know everyone just wants to make a living, but does it have to be made making me uncomfortable, trying not to make eye contact with them, so they won't attack? Er, I mean, "approach"? I walk very close to the wall, so as to avoid said vendors, but I end up "battling" other shoppers for that spot! It doesn't seem like very many people are wanting to buy or actually buying from these sellers, so how is it they are still in business? I don't know. I do feel bad for them, because they are basically rejected for a living. That's gotta be hard on the self-esteem. Well, I think I am done with the mall, at least for the next couple of days, because I am swamped with other activities!

Tomorrow's rant: Leaf Blowers. (JK!!) LOL


Well, I have had a whole day to digest the info received yesterday and it's not any less severe. *Sigh!* All is not completely lost, I hope, but it's not up to me since it isn't MY situation - know what I mean?

On a much different note, it's off to the church today with me to practice for mass choir practice tomorrow! (I know, practice for practice sounds weird, but that's what it is!) I'm feeling pretty good about all of the songs and I just need to polish up my "runs" on the slow songs and I should be okay. And now Ralph is chewing his cereal so loudly, I can't hear myself think! That's it then.

Thursday, January 4, 2007


One moment, one blink of an eye, one small but powerful spoken word has the ability to change my outlook on life. I was awakened by a phone call that carried with it some startling news. (Yes, I was finally able to get back to sleep...) I now know that I should have spent my sleepless hours in prayer this morning, but I never would have been able to fathom what for. Shocking. Truly shocking. I am nobody, so I do not feel that I can take the stance of "disappointment", but I am very much alarmed at some recent developments. Oh, I know, I'm being vague, but the goal of my blog is to have an outlet for feelings just like the ones I am experiencing now. It's not up to me to cite another's shortcomings or downfalls, but I do know how this particular situation makes me feel. Burdened for all the many lives that are effected and perhaps forever changed. God help me not to ignore Your voice when you call me to pray, even if I don't know what it is or WHO it is I am praying for.

Sleeping Pill

Well, it's quite early in the morning and I can't sleep. I slept a full 6 hours and I can't sleep another wink. Yes, I will be very tired mid-day, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I constantly joke that this is old age setting in, but right now it's no laughing matter. I want to sleep. My body still feels tired. Just can't. I'm pretty sure I was awakened by the sound of my doggy hiccuping at my feet. It sounded kind of strange and I was worried he was going to be sick all over my bed, so I was busy fussing with him, all the while becoming more and more awake. Now, I'm wide awake trying to engage in an activity that may help induce sleep. Alas, it is not to be, at least not at the moment.

I know something that would put me right to sleep is trying to put a dent in my huge Christmas mess, but that would wake up Ralphie and Log, so that's out. Reading is not an option because I have a wild imagination and it comes alive with reading. What's left to do but surf the net? There are lots of interesting things going on around the world that I have already read about this morning, so I am informed of my planet at all hours of the early morning. I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed pouring thoughts out on this blog, but I do know this can't possibly be interesting to anyone... not even me. As a matter of fact, if I hadn't written this and was actually just reading it, I might be asleep by now!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A Good Night

I just got home and I felt the urge to write...again. Ralph, Logan, and I went to McDonald's with friends to have a belated Christmas gift exchange. Ralph and I got $25 to Claim Jumper and Logan got a Nintendo DS game. I also got a framed pic of me with two of my very best friends - Rose and Barbara. Very thoughtful. Our "giftees" seemed to enjoy their gifts, with maybe one exception. The gift I had for one of the kids had already been given to said kid, so we gave him a little cash instead. Gifts are more fun, but it's all good.

It's cold outside. Fifty degrees according to, but it feels colder. I am thinking it feels quite a lot colder since it got up to 70 today and now it's cool. I wasn't prepared for it, so I'm feeling my age.

My doggy won't go to bed w/o me, so I better go since he needs his sleep. Tomorrow? More splendid pontifications, no doubt.


Kiss of Bliss

You may or may not know that I have my own business. It's not profitable yet, but nonetheless... I am going out today to place my cards in certain other businesses so as to enhance awareness. I like my business name and at the time I chose it around October 2006, there was nothing else like it. Anywhere. According to Google anyway, but who really knows? I just liked the name, regardless. "Kiss of Bliss". Wedding coordination. Cute-huh? ;)

Anyway, it's not THE most important thing in my life, but I finally have the chance to place it on the top of my priorities list.

Also very near the top of my priorities list is getting re-enrolled in college. I just want to take a couple of classes this semester, but I need to do SOMETHING! Enrolling into school again has a two-fold purpose. First of all, I need to complete my education. Second of all, I have no credit cards or other acceptable forms of ID to open my own biz account, so I need the school ID. I'm just being very frank about what is motivating me.

Something else that I need to do today that isn't quite as pressing as the aforementioned tasks is figure out why iTunes 7 won't load on my computer. I got an iPod for Christmas and I have yet to be able to enjoy all of the wonders of it. (Note to self: take Computers 101.)

Today, the 3rd of January, is a beautiful day for change! Go change something!!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My New Blog

Well, I have been really terrible about this sort of thing in the past, so I don't know that this will be any different. I am willing to give it a try. After reading Jana's and Katie's, I realized it doesn't have to be this really difficult thing I have made it out to be in my head.

So, today is really the first day of the year for me since I spent all of yesterday whittling time away w/friends!! :D It was great fun, but I would like to think of TODAY as the first day of 2007 and quite a bit more productive! LOL

There's a lot to get done this year, so I am just now tackling the daunting task of getting a personal calendar outlined for myself. Some important dates to remember and observe are...

March 9 - Three years without my precious father.

April 2 - Logan turns 9!!!!!!!!!

July 4 - My favorite holiday.

August 31 - Ten years with the most wonderful and handsome man - EVER!

These are just the dates that really stand out to me and will be observed and/or celebrated accordingly.

So, YAY! to my new endeavor to write to readers unknown about all the personal details of my life! ;)