Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toll Roads - What Gives?

I have become increasingly alarmed at the ever-growing number and changing dynamic of the persons ensconced roadside, panhandling.  Back in "the day", whenever "that" was, beggars used to be generally perceived as junkies, homeless, drunks, and other rejects of society.  Not any more.  One sign roadside recently read "White Man Needs Job".  The person holding the sign was a white woman.  She had a Yorkie with her, which I can't afford, and a young child.  So, where's this "man"??  And why was it necessary to specify the color of his skin?  (Does anybody care about skin color in 2011?)  Two of the cars in front of me and one behind offered this woman money.  Wow.  So, forget credentials,  instead all you need is some cardboard and a Sharpie and you can make more money than a lot of people suffering through this awful economy.  Upon my exodus of the Walmart vehicular receptacle, I spotted another WOMAN (where is our pride, ladies????), with a sign.  It read, "Out of Work - Hungry", but she looked so normal and a bit overweight, I might add!!!  (I realize I have little room to speak, but come on, people!  Give me something I can sympathize...)  I know "out of work" is the new normal in Obamaland, but join the crowd, lady!  I barely afforded my bread and baby food acquired that day and she wants me to just hand her money?  The person in front of me this on particular instance was smart and handed her a bag of McDonald's.  That I can do.  Dad brought us up to be compassionate and generous, so I'm always down to feed a truly hungry person or give them a coat or whatever their need may be.  The really crazy thing is, during Christmas, when generosity is seemingly thrust upon us, I have tried to give blankets and coats to homeless people.  They're skeptical, if not downright rude, just bluntly asking for money instead and rejecting my kindness.  In the words of my man Cee Lo, "FORGET you!"  I want to be a giver, but do NOT take advantage of my good graces and my guilt for being able to afford my LOAF OF BREAD.

So, if you're not on board with giving away your children's allowances to the new "suffering and needy" of the city in which you reside, here's my stellar advice:  Take that money and buy the darkest sunglasses you can, that way when they're staring at you, they can't tell if you're staring back at them or not.  By all means, stare, though.  If we are going to be discourteously requesting monies of hard working, upstanding members of society, then we are not ashamed to be gawked at relentlessly.  Well, it's probably not what Jesus would do, but I do not profess to be His mouthpiece.  For the Lord's take on the subject, go here.

The weather is nice today, so beware of toll roads!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Failure is Not an Option

Try:   to subject to something that tests the powers of endurance
I've been wondering, of late, what in my life defines "trying".  I have "tried" to do many things.  Some have failed spectacularly, others have been an embarrassing debacle, and others still have been, in my own mind's eye, a success.  

There are many things I "try" to do on a regular basis, for instance, losing weight.  I am, for myself, at an unsatisfactory mass level, of which I wish to bring down to a more acceptable level by "trying" to eat right.  I am, currently, "trying" and succeeding at a steady, albeit seemingly glacial pace, to write a book.  Whenever I endeavor to knock a bit of it [the book] off, I seem to encounter endless obstacles, yet my mind flourishes with imaginative, compelling ideas when my computer is a world away and my hands may as well be tied behind my back.  

Whilst pontificating upon the effort I put into life in general and what exactly I have to show for said effort, I have become increasingly dismayed.  Having said that, let me say this - I consider my children to be my greatest successes in life, while not having to "try" too hard for them.  *cough* *cough*  They came about, both of them, as pleasant, beautiful surprises of sorts, and have both brought me so much joy.  

Outside of the fact that I have been blessed with them, I do not feel particularly fulfilled.  Something is missing.  Or someone.  I do not know at this juncture exactly which or what or why.  I do know my lovely friend, Cam, tells me nearly every day to just get after it, whatever "it" may be.  

Today, the laundry list of items I hope to "try" is growing more bloated by the minute.  I will be moved into a new residence by week's end, enrolled in school, and hopefully another five pounds lighter.  My life is about to change drastically because of that word "try", so I'm going to "try" to make the very best of it.  What are you "trying" (or not "trying") today?