Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rapid Weight Loss Report - Day 64

Well, I've lost about 50 pounds. (I say "about", because I only weigh myself once a week, so it's probably more now that I haven't weighed in 5 or so days.) I feel terrific and I seem to be completely recovered from the immediate hardships I was having. It's a great feeling. I HAD to buy something to wear to church last night, because I wasn't just saying it to be moody that I didn't have a thing to wear! LOL It's for realsies, folks! Anyhoo, I guess wearing something that fits me was quite surprising, because many thought I had actually been able to lose another 20 pounds between this past Sunday and last night. HAHA! Nope. Just clothes that fit. Anyway, here's a picture update, even though I'm a couple of days late for the "2 month mark". See y'all around and round! =D

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Empress's New Clothes

Well, today has been something else, to say the least. And it's just the beginning of a VERY busy week. Ralph has taken to calling me "Grandma McCorkle" for all the doctor's appointments I have to attend this week. I've got 2 physical therapy appointments, a tooth filling, teeth cleaning, follow-up with my gastric surgeon, AND full head x-ray for braces. TOLD you!! LOL Tons going on, then next week, we all pack up and head to Fresno for WCC. I'm super-excited about that, except that I usually have my full wardrobe picked out in my head at least a month before. Well, this time it's a little different, since none of my clothes fit. I'll admit I'm in an enviable position, being too small in stature to fit into my "tres fab" clothes, but I don't know how I'm going to build a wardrobe for 5 services in less than a week!!! It took years to get my closet going after gaining the weight, now I'm back to square one. I am so desperate, I even bought shoes online, just hoping they'll fit! (I think they will and they are CUTE! Pictured above!) I do already have one thing I can wear with them, so it wasn't a completely frivolous buy, so anyway... I'm headed to second-hand stores on Friday, so hopefully I'll make up for the shoe purchase!! =D

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Come again?!?

Give that woman a RAISE! Can you BELIEVE his answers?!? Ugh! What an unfunny joke, him and Obama. Unfunny.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Closet SALE!

Don't forget! If you live in or around my area, tomorrow my mom and I have teamed up to sell a bunch of great clothes. Priced from $.25 to $25, there will be LOTS of great deals on hand! Shoes, suits, skirts, dress jackets, and much MORE! Please join us tomorrow at 9 a.m. to help us clean our closets OUT! Bring a friend or a relative or both. Come one, come ALL!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stand Still and KNOW

The 2008 Election is fast-approaching! Do you know who you're going to vote for? According to my poll here at the top of my page, I should have run for President as well! Could have done some damage. Although there's not enough damage control in the WORLD if I had run! ha! So, not knowing any of my policies or great "ideas" on how to run the world, er, America, many of you voted for me. So, do you know where your candidate stands? I hope so. Unfortunately, I know right where my candidate stands, but there's just no other choice. (I voted for Mitt Romney in the primaries...) Anyway, get educated about this wonderful process that makes the USA the best place to live, hands down.

Monday, October 20, 2008

WWRD - What Would Reagan Do?

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE FOR CALIFORNIANS!!! Don't forget! It is our civic duty as citizens of the greatest country in the WORLD to participate in the process that makes us the envy of the countries of the world. I know the choices we have in this election may seem unbearable (at least that's how they seem to me), but don't let that discourage you from taking part altogether! Forget "" and "ACORN", we can start our own "movement"! Let's do it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Sale of the Century *sob!*

So, as most of you know by now, I'm losing some weight. As a result of said weight loss, my "tres magnifique" wardrobe no longer fits me properly. In fact, most of my clothes are HUGE. Seeing as I don't have a million dollars lying around, I need new clothes - FAST. That's where you all come in! Next Saturday, the 25th @ 9 a.m., I will be opening the vault doors and allow my clothes to go home with YOU. (For a nominal fee, of COURSE, so the new and improved wardrobe may be purchased!) The thing is, it will be quite a sale, considering the ensembles and pieces I have accumulated are numerous and lovely, if I do say so myself. (And I DO say so!) Also, my mom is allowing me to clean out her closet by selling a lot of suits and the like that she no longer wears. Long story short, we'll have clothes from sizes Misses' 8 to Women's 22 and accessories (shoes, etc.) available to purchase for very good prices. You do NOT want to miss this opportunity to buy what I like to think of as "Certified Pre-Owned" clothing. Some of the items still have tags! *Gasp* Alright, I think that's enough said. Please contact me @ if you need more information and plan on coming! Toodles!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rapid Weight Loss Report - Day 50

I'm an eating MANIAC! (Or I feel that way anyway...) Yeah, I've got to eat, like, 6 meals a day instead of the 3 the doctor initially instructed me to do. It's REALLY hard, especially to keep a little variety, but I must say I feel awesome. (Remember my "meal" is about 1/4 cup of food!) I really feel like I could run a marathon. Well, maybe not a marathon, but I could at least go check the mail! hehehe... I'm [finally] going to be playing keys in church again and/or singing starting this Sunday. I am not scheduled this month, but I'll be around and I'm stoked about it! There's something about ministry that draws me like a moth to flame. I love doing it and being a part of something so neat. I know I'm supposed to be reporting weight LOSS in these reports, but I haven't lost much more and had a little gain, so I'll post when I have better news. The good news now is how GREAT I feel. I'll be posting my 2-month picture in 2 short weeks, so stay tuned!

P.S. Don't forget that Monday is the voter registration deadline for Californians! Don't allow ACORN to elect our next President!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Family and Friends

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News Flash

So sorry for the lack of posting here! I have been without my computer for the last week, because I've been in the hospital! Ugh! It was a definite low point for me. In a nutshell, I had a stricture (scar tissue that causes the opening from pouch to stomach to grow smaller), and as a result of the stricture became extremely malnourished and dehydrated. I was admitted to the hospital last Tuesday in O.C. and got out this past Monday night. I feel much, much, MUCH better and I'm glad to be out, to say the least!

All right, enough of that.

So, how about this election?? Everybody registered to vote?? I sure hope so. If not, please visit my friends at Voter Registration and git 'er done! No excuses! This election is IMPORTANT!! I am registered to vote by absentee ballot, which makes the fuss on Election Day of little or no importance to me. I just sit and wait for the results. Well, WHAT are you WAITING for?!? Go register! And don't forget to vote November 4!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rapid Weight Loss Report - Day 30

So, I promised a picture of me at the one month mark. Total pounds lost - 36. Pounds lost since surgery - 24. It is a picture of me at Disneyland again and it's all decorated for my favorite season! Fall! Since this picture was taken, I've lost another 5 pounds at least, but I'm trying not to weigh myself every day, so it could be more. =D