Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Well, "...another year's over, a new one just begun...", to quote some Lennon. I know it's been a while since I've been around the "blogosphere", but I have lot of good "reasons". (I know, I know, they're really excuses! What-evAH!) I had a fabulous time yesterday ringing in the New Year at, (where else?), the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! Now, that was a Disney first for me. I'd never been there for New Year's Eve and I don't plan on doing it again. Got that out of my system pretty good. WAY too many people. Yikes! It was great to hang out with friends and family there either way.

So, working backwards from yesterday and giving a quick, overall view of what on earth I've been doing.... Let's see... Christmas was quiet, spent at the homestead playing with Logan's presents. A few days before Christmas I went to Disneyland with some good friends and my Mom. (The "it's a small world" lighting show was SPECTACULAR!) Before that, we went to New York, just me and Ralph, and spent a few days looking at what they've got going on over there. Impressive. Very impressive. We flew on Virgin America airlines and were very pleased with the level of service and all of the amenities included in coach! Just before that, like the day before we left, I finished another semester of school. That was taking up the bulk of my time these last few months, but now I'm off for a few weeks and enjoying it very MUCHO.

So, I know it's really sad to be able to sum up my life for the last few months with just one paragraph, but such is my life - sad. LOL Not REALLY!

New Year's resolutions? I bought myself a purse-sized version of the One-year Bible, so I'm going to give it another go. I have to get started, though, so I don't get off on the wrong foot! I want to hear what YOU have resolved to do! Or NOT to do!