Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jump, Jump!

Well, I'm full. No really! Stuffed to the rafters, pretty much! hehehe! I just got home from Claim Jumper and eating there with my friends and hubby. It was delish as always, but I ate too, too much, as always. Now, I'm paying the price! I can barely breathe! lol Just wanted to check in with everyone and say "Hi!" because I have been mighty preoccupied with my guests and school. As a matter of fact, I am procrastinating working on school work this very instant, instead rambling on here hoping to justify my lack of intensity. Tomorrow I will be taking my friends to Canter's to eat and we're hoping to meet up with another "friend" while we are there! =D Good times! Well, now everyone take care here in blog land and I'll be back soon with some juicy morsels of wisdom and wit! ta-ta!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who wouldn't wanna go? (Besides Joni...) lol

Tomorrow I pay homage to the great Mouse, my Mickey. Obsessed? Maybe. And??? hehehe!!! I get a kick out of experiencing something for the 25th time with someone who hasn't been at all. This will be the case tomorrow. Oh, joy bells ringing...!!! So, I've prepared a very comfortable and hopefully cool outfit, purchased snacks so as to pinch my pennies, and mentally sketched a plan to see and do everything important. (I am a pro...) tee-hee! The only thing left to do is get a good night's rest, which is rapidly slipping through my fingers. *sigh!* I'm the most sleepless person I know. I've got to figure out how to have all the fizzy, high-caffeinated, low-sugary goodness of Diet Pepsi without these adverse side-effects! AAAAGGHHH! Alright, I better go give it my best shot, because tomorrow is going to be a looooonnnnnng day! The Magic begins @ 8 a.m. SHARP! =0)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So, I need to go buy another book for school. My life's story. *sheesh!* So, the book I need is for my Politics class. Did you know that I HAVE to take this class to get a degree? Is that crazy or what? I can already tell my teacher is going to indoctrinate those who are brainless enough in my class to not know a lick of politics. I'm already irritated. My "victory" is going to be tested rigorously throughout the course of this class! I guess if I ever want to be President, it's a necessity, so I'll endure, albeit begrudgingly and with marked disgust. Teacher seems nice enough, but he's DEF a lefty! Grrrr... It'll be a study in tactfulness for me. Lord knows I need it! hehehe!

Off to spend astronomical amounts on a book for a class that I don't want to take! So much for financial peace...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Here we go AGAIN!

Well, I don't have my Disneyland slide show from when Bonnie, Amanda, and Amber came and I'm fixing to go again! AAAHHH!! I am rapidly falling behind - AGAIN! (No comments from the peanut gallery will be necessary...) Anyway, I have been busy, busy, busy! We had company this past weekend in the form of the King's Clown! Bro. Jeremy Joyce preached our kids' revival Friday-Sunday and we were happy to have him in our home for the duration. He's 24/7 clown, let me TELL ya'! hehehe... (Doh-hot! Doh-hot! Doh-hot!) LOL Anyhoot, he's moved on to his next revival and we're all here wiped out from the journey! lol
So, we had a great weekend. My mom's bday was yesterday. She turned 54, but I'm not supposed to tell anyone, so "mum's" the word! I was supposed to go celebrate with her and Log at the Happiest Place on Earth today, but I totally FORGOT it was the first day of screwl!!! Yikes! Don't ask me how that happened!! So, her and Log were off to D-land, while I was off to see if I was going to like my professors this semester. =0( I really wanted to be with them and I felt just AWFUL that I had forgotten about my first day and had to miss spending it with two of my favorite people. Well, at least I had decent teachers to make up for me spending the better part of the day in class! lol
Now, I'll be preparing for friends who are flying in on Wednesday and more Disneyland!!! (I may actually grow tired of it.... NOT!!!!! *Nathan Lindsey tribute!*) hehehe... These chicas of mine are some of the very best friends I have had and ever will have. They're really more like family. I'm very excited, since I don't get to see them much because of the distance we live from each other!
Well, that's it. That's my whole life in a nutshell. I know you wish there was more to read, but there's really not. I'm so sorry. =D JK! All right, all right, just one pic!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Well, the slide show I worked so hard on isn't functioning properly! Grrr... I was hoping to bypass all the boring writing by including cutesy captions on each pic, thereby killing two birds with one stone! Obviously, it didn't work out that way, so I'll have to narrate the old-fashoined way!
The first part of the show is pix of a few of us going to Canter's in West Hollywood for John's b-day. It's mine and Ralph's favorite restaurant, so we dragged all the others along. I think they mostly enjoyed it, although Crystal did not get what she ordered. By and large it was yummy!
The next little bit shows some scenery and other shots from taking Logan to Jackass Rock. He went to the Jr. Camp there, run by Section 7. He would have had a lot more fun if his mommy could have been with him. :( Poor little guy. He was pretty miserable towards the end there, according to my friends who were on staff.
Next, there are a couple of pix of the truck that Ralph's dad bought for him. It's a little bit of a beater, but it will get him from point A to point B! Thanks, Dad!
There are pictures of our trip to Santa Maria for Camp Meeting. Included in that bunch are some scenery shots on the way and back, shots of us all at the dunes, and miscellaneous crazy pictures.
So, I think that's it. I've been doing lots. I'll put up a post in a day or two of my most recent venture to the Magic Kingdom with my "Fresno friends". =D
Back in a few! Scout's honor!

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