Saturday, June 28, 2008

Precious Little Ones

I had to share this picture. It's my son, Logan, and my niece, Ella. Aren't they lovely??? The picture was taken by a wonderful friend of mine who is "learning the biz". She did a great job!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Katie, Katie, Katie... Wow. Do I ever have loads of memories with this girl. Most of them were made on the many BQ trips we took, literally all over the country. I came to love this girl and her parents, who were assistant coaches at the time. What wonderful times we had trying to kill time on the way to our tournaments. Heaven forbid we actually studied on the way and thankfully Russ didn't make us. Much. LOL One particularly memorable tournament was, (I think!) in Napa? It was Extravaganza time and there were lots of unfamiliar faces and teams. There were a couple of guys who were, uh, hmmm, "into" us? LOL!!! They were soooo distracting in our last quiz! We should have had that. Or maybe not. There these two goofballs sat, right in the front row, just STARING at us during the quiz. Looking back, I'm pretty sure they were just staring at YOU, but you were nice enough to make me feel "loved" with the attention. One of my very favorite games EVER was against Bakersfield in Chula Vista. Frankie contested question #18 or 19, something like that, and they deliberated for close to an hour. (I think it was denied...) We were so BORED up there and Russ was MAD that we didn't take it seriously. Having now coached a team of my own, I feel his pain. I could go on and on and on and ON, but I won't. Love you, girl, and glad we've got such wonderful memories!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Joy Unspeakable

Well, first of all, sorry I haven't been by here in some time. I'm back now and should be able to keep up here! The next friend of mine on my links list I'd like to talk about is Jana. I haven't known Jana a long time, but we are definitely kindred spirits. I met Jana (officially-lol) at Junior Camp a few years ago. Ever since then, we just have remained somewhat close. Sometimes closer than others, but always just picking right up where we have left off. She is an extremely gifted musician, singer, and songwriter. Her songs are magnificent! I can't wait till she puts out a CD, because I will be one of the first in line! We worked together on a live recording project and she did an outstanding job. We may actually finish it one of these years. LOL!!! She is a devoted mother and wife and a hard worker to boot. We will be friends for many years to come...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Penny-pinching Friend

I have known "SheGazelle" for EVER. We grew up together, sort of, kind of, but not really. LOL I'm a LITTLE older than her, but we have had many of the same experiences having been through the same rigors of life. She is someone with a great sense of style. I LOVE checking out her clothes, because she's always cutting edge, yet modest. Wonderful. Also, she cracks me up on a regular basis. She is quite hilarious and witty. She has some of the most beautiful skin. My WORD! NOT fair!!! hehehe... Most of my readers know her, but for those of you who don't, I'm so sorry I cannot reveal "SheGazelle's" true identity! I enjoy your blog SG! Chrissypoo, OUT!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ms. Beethoven

I cannot remember the first time I met Von de Leigh. (It's been THAT long!!!! lol) I do remember seeing her at PSR, dressed to the 9's, with a pack of guys following her around! She is so beautiful and such a sweet person to boot! Whenever I email Von de Leigh or see her, she is just so nice and genuine. That's hard to find, even in Pentecost, unfortunately! We are also fellow musicians. I remember she played the piano at a mutual friend's wedding beautifully! Fur Elise, I think, but I'm really bad with the classical names! I am glad to count her as a friend and value her friendship!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My friend, Kari

I am doing something a little different for my next few blogs, pending any really important preempts, if there is any important news in McCorkle Land. I am going to write some brief essays on the people that I have put links to their blogs on my page. On. Boy, what an awful sentence! Oh, well! Stop analyzing and enjoy these walks down memory lane!

The first person listed on my page is Kari Morgan. I knew her, not so many years ago as Kari MAY Runner. Not that she's a different person now, we just go WAY back! I remember being at the Youth Convention where Kari first met Doug and they started dating then, I think! Before that, we went to T.T.C.S. together for a few years. We weren't in the same grade, but I was in the same grade as her younger brother, Joe. So, school days were pretty interesting and fun and crazy! LOTS of great times! We also used to attend Section 7 Youth Camp together, though we were hardly ever in the same cabin because she is LOTS older than me. HA! JK!!! There was one time I'm sure she remembers vividly, that we were up at said camp and I was attacked by a swarm of meat bees. Ouch! That was a rough day. LOL So, to say the least, I have a lot of wonderful memories with Kari and she still makes me LAUGH every time we speak and/or chat. She is an awesome person to know and I'm glad that I do.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Comings and Goings

Well, I made it back from the land of no Internet connectivity! (Grandma's house in Fresno, that is...) My poor, little computer missed me! hehehe... I came home to a wonderful surprise! My husband had planted some jasmine, bougainvillea, and other beautiful plants in the front yard! Also, the backyard finally has sod and plants in those flower beds as well. It looks just lovely! I'm so excited and can't wait until we can finally WALK on the grass and have a big party! Everything looks just lovely and Ralph did a wonderful job! He might have a little green thumb after all! I had a wonderful and busy time with many friends and family in Fresno. I sang at my home church, Truth Tabernacle, last Sunday night and I was so honored to be able to do so. I also ate Me-n-Eds (twice) and had Grandma's tortillas (who's counting...? ;-). I was able to spoil my little doggy that mean, ol' Ralphiepoo gave to Grandma and Grandpa and I visited with TONS of people! I had a great time, but I am SO happy to be home and back in my recliner. Tomorrow starts Summer classes for me, so I'm going to enjoy what I have left of my summer "vacation". Later, gator!