Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'd been "Tagged" and didn't realize it until today. Sometimes I go for a few days without reading my favorite blogs, then I'll catch up on some down time. So, Kathy McElhaney tagged me to write 6 unspectacular things about me. That's easy... hehehe...

1. I don't like ethnic food.
2. I have Mickey ears for my car antenna for every season.
3. I'd live in Alaska for the cold, not just because of Palin.
4. I love the smell in my neighborhood when it's cold and damp.
5. I'm named after my grandmas. (paternal and maternal)
6. I read the entire book of Judges in one night, so I'm easily caught up and can waste a lot of time reading or forego food and sleep for the sake of a good read. (very intriguing!)

Now, I tag the following: Sarah, Von, Barb, Rose, Jana, and Kari.

The rules go that you have to list your 6 things and tag 6 more people. Good luck! It's harder than it seems!

Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm an old-fashioned "gamer". I love to play board games with my family. We (almost) always have a grand, ol' time, but it depends sometimes on the mood of mama and papa bear. So, usually after we're done eating dinner, I'll ask Logan to pick out a game for us to play. After several vetoes by mama and papa, he'll usually find one that we all know how to play and can consequently may enjoy. Tonight he picked one of my favorites. Scrabble. Ahhh... For Christmas last year, I received not one, but TWO deluxe editions from different family members, knowing I liked the game. One, obviously, went back to the store, but the other has a nice niche in our game cupboard. Logan pulled it out and my husband immediately stated he wouldn't be playing if both me AND my mom would be! LOL (He likes to win...) hehehe... Well, my mom wasn't playing, so we all settled in. I had to take a picture this time, though, because last time my other Scrabble nerdy friends didn't believe that we [legally] used every piece by the end of the game. We did it again tonight. Logan did all of his own words, though a couple of times he would ask how certain words were spelled. Logan did a GREAT job and I'm so proud of my "little Scrabbler"! Ralph ALMOST won, but I pulled out a 16 pt. word on my last throw-down. So, I pulled ahead of him by 3 and won. Logan held his own with the big bears and we had a great time. I strongly encourage family game time as a quiet time to bond and have fun with the people you love and care about most!

P.S. I was too tired to contest the usage of "gil", but did doubt that was actually a word! LOL

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rapid Weight Loss Report - Day 21

Well, I am able to eat soft solids now and string cheese never TASTED more delicious! LOL I had some pasta fagioli soup at Olive Garden yesterday and today I've had low-sugar yogurt and string cheese. I'm eating like royalty now! It feels that way anyway, after being so restricted. I'm going to cook for my poor, neglected family tonight and I'm really looking forward to feeding them again. I'm making chicken tacos with beans and rice and I hope they love it as much as I will love preparing it for them. (I can eat a little chicken and beans, but it's better than NOTHING!) So, now I'm trying to figure out things that I can make for dinner that include the limited ingredients I'm allowed to eat while not depriving my boys any more of eating homemade goodness. I WISH I liked tuna casserole! BLECH! I just don't. In a few more days, I'll be able to have any white fish, so we may grill some halibut, veggies, with a little brown rice on the side. If you have any suggestions on how else I can make canned chicken into a terrific meal, my ears are OPEN! Actually, it would be my EYES are open, since I'll be READING your reply! Bonjour! P.S. I'VE LOST ABOUT A POUND A DAY... 21 so far and counting!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm a Happy Gal

I woke up in a good mood today! I felt like singing! That hasn't happened in a while, but there are several contributing factors to my feeling of joy. First of all, last night Bro. Jonathan Shoemake preached a great, uplifting message. Second, a family situation that had been weighing on my mind and heart was resolved. Third, when I woke up, I remembered that today is my appointment at the Apple store to get my phoney-phone fixed! Yay! Ok, so the last one isn't as important as the first two, but it was a contributor nonetheless. Especially since the Apple representative I spoke with on Saturday about all the quirks in my phone said that she is putting me down for a replacement! Whether the geeks at the Apple store agree, well, time will tell. I just want my phone to work right and I don't want to have to "send it in". If I'm told I'll have to "send it in", then that will, for at least a moment, wipe the silly grin right off my face. I still have SOOOO much to be grateful for, I intend to focus on that. Thank You, Jesus for EVERYTHING You have done!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day of Infamy

I was lying in bed, between that state of sleep and being fully awake when the phone rang. It was my husband's grandma, Clara McCorkle. She said (as she did EVERY time she called, no matter the time of day...), "Were you sleeping?" I half-lied, saying, "No", even though I was still half-asleep. She proceeded to tell me that our nation was under attack and at war. Grandma McCorkle had a certain notoriety for further-hyping things she learned via the drive-by media, so I listened as patiently as possible. As she began to describe the now infamous attack on the first tower, my interest and fear were piqued and I reassured her that everything would be fine. I told her I'd be over to her house as soon as I could, then we hung up. I quickly proceeded to get the alarm clock/radio that Ralph used to wake himself up every morning and take it into my son, Logan's, room. (His room got the best reception in our little double-wide in upper Yucaipa...) I tuned into KFI and laid down with my then three-year old in his bed, holding him tighter and tighter in horror at what I was hearing. Bill Handel was on, as it was his usual time slot, but he was relaying a commercial-free account of what he was watching unfold on the many news stations he was monitoring. I'll never forget him shouting, "The second tower is hit!" I jumped up from the bed, and forgetting my usual morning routine, scrambled to get to Grandma's house. Being at her house always made me feel safe, and never more so than that awful day. I hope that we, as a wonderfully free and privileged people will NEVER forget.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Move over, Richard Simmons!

I'm starting to ease into a life of more activity, less Internet surfing. *sigh* Old habits die hard, though, so here I sit, blogging and, in essence, procrastinating. I've decided, for now anyway, not to join a gym. The only ladies' gym around here is Curves, which I don't care for, and I hate going to co-ed gyms, especially at my SIZE. Too, too, too embarrassing! Even IF I am fully modest and clothed, it's unbearable to be next to the beautiful Olympians that always seem to find their way to the treadmill right NEXT to mine! ugh! Anyhoot, I will stick to my little walking DVD's and expect miraculous results, of course! Also, my mother-in-law has told me she will give me her weight bench, so that's a nice little start to the home gym I plan to have set up in the garage. It may be a while, though, seeing as we have the Antiques Roadshow going on in there! Would SOMEBODY (Ralph), PLEASE clean that out?!? LOL!!! So, anybody have any good, work-out-at-home tips for me? I'm still limited to low-impact, but I should be able to get doctor clearance, in the next week or two, to go for the gold! Gotta go. I'm going to go buy a jump rope.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Picture It...

So, here is a pic of me a couple of weeks before my surgery, and, yes, I disliked my photo being taken. I wanted to post this, in case you haven't seen me in a while or perhaps didn't think I was quite large enough to qualify. (I doubt it!) LOL So, last night out with some friends, the topic most of the night was weight and what we eat. I think they were feeling bad about eating in front of me while I sipped broth, but I was just happy to know anybody cared enough to want to go out with us! Anyhoo, I was reminded how, for the longest time, it hadn't really occurred to me how out of hand my weight was. I wouldn't allow anybody to take pictures of me, because there would be PROOF! HA! Also, when I would see the picture, the proof was undeniable, especially when I was pictured with someone not as large. So, I don't know how much you weigh and I don't care, but if you aren't sure how everybody sees YOU, take a picture of yourself and have a look! It's eye-opening! Hence, the reason I'm posting my pre-surgery pic. That is what all y'all had to look at and I don't want to ever forget!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Since my last blog, something has happened that has never been before in history! Sarah Palin was nominated with John McCain as the first-ever woman vice-presidential candidate in history!!!! I am pumped, to say the LEAST. I was NOT happy about McCain, but now I'm much happier. I spoke with someone very close to me today who said they would probably vote for Obama because he gave an excellent acceptance speech. Well! I didn't try to change her mind because I think Obama will win either way. Get ready for some super-duper tax hikes and universal health care! We're heading into Socialism, my friends. Quickly. Get out and vote. Don't forget and KNOW your candidate, not just his speeches!!! A good speech does NOT a good President make...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rapid Weight Loss Report - Day 6

I had my first post-op visit today with the P.A., Allie. She's really nice and had the [dis]pleasure of removing my drainage tube. Yikes! You're about to FEEL some pressure... Yeah. There was pressure alright! HA! Actually, I feel LOTS better with it out. Learning my limits still though! (I almost fell out in the middle of Long's Drugs tonight...) It's really hard to get the nutrition I need to just be able to function properly and not feel like a starving person. Especially when the dreaded shakes taste like what I can only imagine parsnip juice prepared by the Grinch himself tastes like! Blech! So, she did give me some "doable" options to the shakes and I am oh, so grateful for that. I am sad, though, because tomorrow my friends are leaving me. Of course, they didn't HAVE to be here and I am SOOO blessed that they were here, but I'll miss them nevertheless! We've had a lot of memorable experiences in our lives as girlfriends since we were wee children, but this weekend probably takes the cake! hehehe... They're so FUN in they're own ways and I just love them both to pieces! BONNIE AND MANDA, I WILL MISS YOU!!!!! Well, I'm looking forward to finding sugar free Nesquick... Ciao!