Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Poem, I Think

I recently had a request to update my blog and I've been thinking in rhythmic patterns lately, so here goes nothing.  I truly am someone who feels it is better to give than to receive and the world at large has lost sight of this all-important virtue.  Christmas is upon us, so don't forget there is always somebody who has it worse than you do, who could use your help, a smile, love, a hug, encouragement, or whatever!  Don't go through life missing out on opportunities to be good to people.  Yeah, that's kinda what the poem is about, even though it seems a bit all over the place.  =)

A Poem, I Think

I made a fist and shook it high,
As I contemplated why…
Hating how the road of life
Had robbed me, oh, so blind…
Of joy and laughter
Smiles and warmth –
As I floundered in despair,
I wondered where old self had gone,
I couldn’t find her anywhere.

I looked inside a bottle,
Then life somehow made sense,
The numbness that would sure wear off,
Brought wrath much more intense.

I looked to trusted loved ones,
But I found myself alone,
Vows of loyalty all forgotten,
Smiling, friendly encouragement – gone.

I tried to purchase my way through…
Mask pain by material gain,
Frivolous moments of weakness…
I now regarded with disdain.

My heart knew just what it needed,
But felt so saddened when…
My expressions of love for His grace,
Were met with condescending grin.

Who can know the heart of man?
Is how the Good Book reads,
Mine now filled with gratitude,
Another day for committing good deeds…

Bestowing love on people,
Is all that I have known,
I’ve only found myself true peace,
Somewhat reaping what was sown…

My heart still yearns for serving,
And that’s what’s been realized,
If there is no purpose to live and serve,
Then I’d really rather die.

I found myself with my family,
They’re all the world to me,
Trying to exemplify,
Better give, than to receive.

I find myself on down the line,
Giving, loving without guise,
The reward gained for my efforts?
Living had become a prize.

If you're lost, you can find yourself giving,
Guaranteed won't be in vain,
For what does a man's soul profit?
If the whole world is his gain?

Thank you for reading!

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